Our Story

It all started 40 years ago with an OCD mom, a family vacation, and a lice infestation.

Since that eventful week, my wonderful mom has checked my head for lice hundreds of times. As a child, I did what I knew best: I checked my friends heads for lice! And thus the adventure began.

I am husband, father, pastor, small business owner, and more. My wife and I have devoted our lives to entering into people’s craziest moments and bringing peace, truth, and blessing. Few things bring out our worst fears like speaking in public and lice. I happen to do both of these for a living and love every second of it.

I hope we never have to see you at Lice Extinguishers, but if we do, count on this: we kill lice, give peace, and bless others.


Lice Extinguishers

Killing Lice. Giving Peace. Blessing Others.

Our Office

381 S. Prospect Ave
Bartlett, IL 60103