Lice Treatment Myths: Sorry, But Your Grandma Was Wrong

Let’s face it, “old wives tales” are hit & miss. When it comes to effective head lice treatment, there are definitely more bad ideas than good ones. 

Why so many bad ideas?

  1. We Want Quick Fixes. Effectively treating head lice is difficult and expensive. Whenever something is difficult and expensive, cheap imitations always pop up. Rarely do cheap imitations work well over the long haul.

  2. It Worked Once Way Back When. Just because something worked once, doesn’t mean it will work consistently or often at all. So it is with effective head lice treatment. There are 1000 different “treatments”, but they almost never work.

  3. People were desperate. Lice were legitimately everywhere. Both peasants and nobles struggled with head lice. In fact, it wasn’t until the last 100 years that humanity had the option of being lice free. What a crazy thought!

  4. Lice have developed resistance. The lice we are dealing with are not impacted by the same chemicals and treatments that our grandmas used. Check out our post about “Super Lice” for more!

What are some legitimately ineffective “old wives tales”?

  1. Olive oil (What a mess!?!)

  2. Listerine (Yes lice hate mint, but it won't kill most of them)

  3. Mayonaise (???)

  4. Vaseline (Ummm…Apparently it worked once somewhere?)

  5. Gasoline/Kerosene (many people have actually caught on fire!)

  6. Drowning (FYI - you can’t drown a lice egg).

Killing lice once and for all is doable. Just give us a call and let’s get these buggers out of your head once and for all!