The Psychosis of Lice: Why Lice Makes Us Feel SO Crazy!

Even just the mention of the word “lice” makes people itch. A lot.

You may not know this, but I am also the Lead Pastor at a local church (The Village Church of Bartlett) which means I preach in front of hundreds of people weekly or more. Every time I say the word “lice” in a sermon, people just start itching their head. For minutes.

Funny stories:

  • Last night the subject of head lice came up at dinner with extended family. Uncle Todd (totally bald) just started scratching his goatee. A lot.

  • A few weeks ago a mom called insistent she could hear the lice crawling on her head. Upon further check, she was totally clean.

  • Last month a mom called after having spent 4 days cleaning every nook and cranny of her house (not necessary by the way - see a previous blog post for how to clean). After 5 minutes of some encouraging truth, she stopped cleaning, realizing she lost 4 DAYS of her life to her fear of lice.

Lice fear is deep inside the American psyche. Why?

3 Simple Reasons Lice Makes Us Go Crazy:

  1. Perpetuated mythology that goes back generations: I can’t tell you how many myths we debunk about lice. Most of what people believe they know about lice are actually wrong. Ill wrote more on this in our next blog post.

  2. It’s a legitimate bug with real claws feeding off your blood. Lice are scary looking and drink your blood. Enough said.

  3. People confuse lice with bed bugs, bat bugs, fleas, and more. Bed bugs, bat bugs, and fleas are legitimately difficult to get out of your house. Lice are easy to get out of your house.

  4. Lice are incredibly difficult to get out of your head. Very few people are able to treat a lice infestation effectively on their own with OTC or prescription remedies. Strand by strand is the only full-proof effective way to do it!

  5. At the end of the day, we love TO BE IN CONTROL. And lice have a habit of making us feel out of control. Lice are a tangible reminder that there are realities in this world that we cannot prevent, stop, or get rid of. Loss of control can make the best of us lose our minds for a bit.

Our mission at Lice Extinguishers is to kill lice, GIVE PEACE, and bless others. Call us to set up an appointment. Let’s kill these buggers once and for all and give you the PEACE you have so wanted.