Super Lice? What You Need To Know

Lice have evolved. The chemicals and pesticides that killed a louse 50 years ago barely make a dent today. That is why they are called “super lice”.

Super lice are the result of something called “pesticide resistance”.

What is “pesticide resistance” and how doest it create super lice?

Pesticide resistance describes the decreased susceptibility of a pest population to a pesticide that was previously effective at controlling the pest. Over 500 species of pests have evolved a resistance to a pesticide.[3] Other sources estimate the number to be around 1,000 species since 1945.[4] Thanks Wikipedia.

Basically, genes mutate, mutations are passed down, voilà. A new generation of resistant species procreating at exponential rates. In the world of lice, these evolved and resistant species is called “super lice”. Sorry OTC “treatments” - you are no longer effective on super lice!

STRONG & DANGEROUS chemicals are now required to kill all of the super lice and their nits on your head. Even the latest iterations of prescription mediations have become more and more useless.

So how do we effectively treat super lice?

Manually. Strand by strand. Slowly. Meticulously. Organically. Naturally.

This is where Lice Extinguishers come in. We effectively, safely, and naturally treat your head lice once and for all! Call us so we can kill your super lice and give you peace.



FYI - Lice are not the only insect experiencing resistance. Mosquito remediation companies are having a very hard time keeping up with a region’s resistance to their chemicals. What worked one summer doesn’t work the next. So their chemicals become more and more potent. Uh oh!